For Researchers

This section explains how to apply for authorization, manage affiliates, collect data that can be shared, upload and manage datasets and studies, and explore, re-use, and extend the resources shared with Databrary.

Who can access Databrary?

Anyone collecting shareable research data will be able to store and organize their data within Databrary after completing the registration process.

However, access to many of Databrary's shared resources is restricted to people who have authorization. To receive authorization a person must apply and receive approval, usually through their university's Grants and Contracts or Sponsored Programs Office.

Who qualifies for access?

Individuals that are eligible to conduct independent research at their institution may qualify. Generally, this is someone that has a faculty or tenure-track appointment. In the U.S. context, this is also someone that is considered to have "Principal Investigator (PI) status" or can submit funding proposals as the lead investigator.

Researchers whose work is overseen by someone who is an authorized investigator may qualify to be an affiliate. Databrary may also authorize a person based on a track record of scientific accomplishment or on the basis of a written reference from someone who is an authorized investigator. The authorized investigator must verify that the applicant's use of Data from the library will be strictly for the purpose of legitimate scientific research.

All applicants must demonstrate that they have human subjects ethics certification and remain in good standing with the Institution that supervises their research activities. If an applicant is eligible to conduct research with human participants at their institution, that satisfies the Databrary requirement.