Authorizing and Managing Affiliates

Authorized investigators may authorize their staff, students, or collaborators to access data on Databrary as Affiliates. In doing so, there are two classes of data to consider: data belonging to the Investigator, and data belonging to others that has been shared with Databrary. An Investigator can grant access independently to each of these types of data.

Authorization Levels

Investigator's Personal (Lab) Data

For an Investigator's own data (which includes all datasets and studies on which they are explicitly listed as the data owner or a contributor, whether or not they have been shared with Databrary), the Investigator can grant:

  • No access: Cannot access lab data.
  • Read-only access: Full view access to all lab data. (The affiliate may view and download videos and other identifying information from all sessions, including data that is not released for sharing.)
  • Read/Write Access: Can access and edit all lab data. (The affiliate may view, download, add, change, and remove data as the Investigator without restriction)
  • Manager: Can access and change permissions on all lab data. (The affiliate may additionally change the access controls and sharing levels of the Investigator's data. These permissions should be granted with care.)

These permissions are designed to allow lab-level access, and may be thought of as granting access to the Investigator's lab server. As such, the Investigator is trusting the affiliate with this access, and care must be taken.

Note that even if the Investigator chooses not to grant any of these permissions to an affiliate, they may still selectively grant access to individual datasets or studies by changing the access controls on each.

Databrary (Group) Data

An Investigator may also grant an affiliate the following levels of access to Databrary data that has been shared by other researchers:

  • No access: Can only access public data.
  • Affiliate: Access all shared Databrary data.

In this case, the Investigator is taking responsibility for the affiliate's access to Databrary as laid out in the Databrary Access Agreement.

Advanced Scenarios

In some cases, an Investigator may wish to share a selected pool of data among a select group, for example across multiple labs or within a subset of their own lab. In this case, it may make sense to create a group and add affiliates to this group. Here, the same levels of access as to an Investigator's own data apply, but affiliates and datasets must be added to this group explicitly. Please contact us for help if you have such a situation or other needs not covered in the sections above.