Preparing to Contribute Data

There are a few practices that may make collecting and sharing data with Databrary easier.

Collecting metadata

Most labs already collect a lot of information about their participants, but may not keep it all in one place.

The most critical pieces of information for Databrary: test date, birth date and release level.

See our Definitions of Suggested Fields for other kinds of information that is helpful to include and suggested ways of reporting. The only thing that is required in order to store and share data within Databrary is the release level for each session. There may very well be other information you collect that isn't included here that would be valuable for understanding your data. Let us know what other types of information you collect, and we can include that information in Databrary.

Digitizing key metadata

Right now, you may collect some of your information only on paper. We've found it to be immensely helpful to encode and store any information about sessions and participants electronically in one place as soon as possible after each session.


Besides video files, Databrary can store any other data or analysis files related to your data. These could be images, graphs, stimuli, protocols, blank questionnaires, blank consent or release forms, or any other files you might have that you wish to share (or to only store and keep private amongst your lab). Please note if any of your files contain identifiable information. Identifiable information includes any dates (birth dates, test dates, etc.), voices, or faces. First or last names, location information more specific than state, or any contact information should never be shared in Databrary.

What else should I know?