Access Agreement -- Annex II

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Annex II -- Additional Authorized Investigators

Version date: April 29, 2020

Please complete this section to add new authorized investigators to the original Databrary Access Agreement executed for the first user at your institution. You do not need to re-execute the entire Databrary Access Agreement for additional investigators.

NOTE: Do not complete this section for the first Authorized Investigator at your institution, who will instead sign on Page 1 of the full Databrary Access Agreement.

Acknowledgement by Authorized Investigator

As an Authorized Investigator, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms of this agreement.

Name of Authorized Investigator: _______________________________

Title of Authorized Investigator: _______________________________

Signature of Authorized Investigator: _______________________________ Date: ________________

Approval by Institution

As the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR), my signature below indicates that I have authority to bind my Institution under this agreement.

Name of Institution: _______________________________

Name of AOR: _______________________________

Title of AOR: _______________________________

Signature of AOR: _______________________________ Date: ________________