Access Agreement

The Databrary Access Agreement between an Authorized Investigator and his or her Institution and New York University (NYU) on behalf of Databrary.


A person who conducts research under an Authorized Investigator's sponsorship and supervision and who has been granted access to Databrary by the Authorized Investigator. In most cases, Affiliates are students or research staff and are not eligible for Authorized Investigator status.

Authorized investigator

A person who has permission from an Institution to conduct independent research and who has received authorization from an Institution and from Databrary to access Databrary.

Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR)

A person granted authority by an Institution to sign the Databrary Access Agreement on behalf of the Institution and thereby bind the Institution to the terms of the Databary Access Agreement.

De-identified data

Collections of information from which all identifiers have been removed or altered in such a way as to prevent the identification of individual persons.


A still frame or a selection from a larger recording that illustrates a particular point or demonstrates a finding. Typically no more than a few seconds or minutes in length, substantially less than the full length of a recording.

Investigators or affiliates may select segments of a recording as an excerpt for informational or educational purposes if the depicted individuals have granted appropriate release level for using selected excerpts.


Assets or parts of an asset (video clip) highlighted by the investigator to feature on the volume page

Identifiable data

Collections of information that might be used singly or in combination to determine the identity of research participants or other individuals depicted in recordings or data.


An academic, not-for-profit, research, government, or health entity whose employees or students conduct scientific research or educational activities.


Investigator contributed terms or keywords that can be attached to a volume, a session, or a record or video within a session. Only owners of a volume can add Keywords to that volume. For example, these might be the keywords that were also used for a published article related to the volume.

Non-identifiable data

Collections of information that do not contain identifiable data.


Video or audio recordings or still (photographic) images.


A session is a unit within a volume which consists of a set of videos and records. A session most often represents a single visit by a participant or set of particapants interacting together in a study.


Community contributed terms or keywords that can be attached to a volume, a session, or a record or video within a session. Tags help users to find content of interest.


A volume marks a complete dataset in databrary.