Databrary Access Agreement: Staff

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Lab Staff Access Agreement

Version date: April 29, 2020

Databrary's three guiding ethical principles embody the commitment that is expected of all Databrary members to build a community that follows the highest ethical standards. As a member of the Databrary community, you promise to:

  1. Treat Databrary data with the same high standard of care that you treat data collected in your own laboratory.
  2. Ensure that participants' wishes about sharing their data are respected.
  3. Keep your login information private and secure. Do not share your login information with anyone.
  4. Comply with your institution's policies on the conduct of research.
  5. Complete research ethics training that meets your institution's standards.
  6. Keep your contact information and institutional affiliation current on Databrary.

Signature of lab member:

I agree to act as a responsible member of the Databrary community as outlined above, to abide by all ethical guidelines of my institution, and to follow the specific instructions of senior staff in my research group.

Name (print):________



Signature of lab manager or PI:

I certify that this lab member has been instructed about Databrary’s policies and procedures, and that I take responsibility for their ethical access of Databrary.

Name of Lab Manager or PI:________

Signature of Lab Manager or PI:________